Sunday, August 9, 2009


Been busy, sorry blog. I moved away from those dredful people I use to live with, and now I have more time to do what I want.

This included nesting up a little bit. I forgot how nice it was to have a room one could actually decorate.

Still playing the customer service game, but knitting out here when it's warm's just funny. It's a beautiful nice sunny day and I'm knitting a scarf.

So, that's uninteresting until it starts to cool down again. Maybe I'll make those scarfs and such all my co-workers requested last winter.

Jo-anns had a 50% polymer clay sale this weekend. I was in luck, it was the first time I had actually gone to a craft store in a while (moving aint cheap) and that's exactly what I went there for.

I needed green and yellow

I spent 30 dollars. This was Friday. Today I went back and spent 10 more.

What can I say. I like clay. And spending money.

I have also been really into re-sizing thrift store clothing lately. Mostly skirts. I'm short and kinda chubby. I say that because it's true. I'm so inbetween it's sad. I'm not fat enough to shop in plus sized clothing, but I am like a size 12...and all clothing designers assume that you are like 6 foot tall when you're a size 12... not 5'3"

So, it's been skirts lately. Thats because I can wear them to work, look nice and business casual, and still not be all sweaty in my non air conditioned car as I drive an hour in traffic in southern california heat.

Mmmmm punishment.

Once again I've come to that point in the season where I COULD get my air conditioner fixed....or just wait another month and stick it out. I'm already past at least half of the really hot season.

Also, where I park my car at work is kind of cooler. I have my ways.

M...but I'm babbling.

So, I'm part of this swap on craftster. Won't say much just in case I'm being spied on...but I have one major project down, and at least 3 more bigger projects to go.

Maybe a few smaller ones.

Mmm elements.

I also on my most recent trip out to the motherland procured all of my sims games back.

To craft or to sim? Thank God I don't have enough $$ to go get the latest sims game. Although...if I keep thinking about it like the crazy person that I am I will find the money and stay up until the wee hours.

Oh...also...I have been writing lately. I have maybe 3 book/film ideas bouncing around in my head lately. My latest one I think could be really good. I don't want to say too much about it just yet though. Its a social commentary on how we treat one another, with a scifi twist at the end.

Ok. I have a new computer, so none of my pictures are on here. I will be taking pictures of both ends for this I will post them once I get the go ahead...and maybe updating my past posts as well.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Mmmmm knitting

So, knitting has been the name of the game lately. Sitting at a desk all day helps. I'm a customer service rep now and while the phone arent ringing there's plenty to do. Sleepy, so I wont say much but I just wanted to remind you that I do love you blog and I haven't forgotten about you.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Who Knew Polymer Clay Could Be So Dangerous!!!

So...I had just finished some beads. They were the remnants of my terribly misguided British flag attempt, any my boyfriend wanted to go out (it WAS Friday...and although the 80 year old i have on the inside of me was a little more allured by the clay, I gave in). So I'm rushing to put all my stuff away. I go to sheath my clay blade when the sheath slips and my thumb runs right up the blade.

I make that hurty sound, and run away into the kitchen.

"Sarah," my boyfriend asks sounding a little concerned (but not really because he knows what a klutz I am) "Did you just cut yourself with a giant razor blade"

"It's not a razor blade!"

I say this because just recently I purchased my clay blade after having cut my self pretty bad on an ACTUAL razor blade while working on clay.

"It's just about as sharp as one." He yells back to me.

Gotta love that boy, cause he knows what he's getting into with me and he doesn't mind.

Pictures of the damage to follow maybe....tee hee hee

Monday, September 22, 2008

Video Games Strike AGAIN!

I swear if anything gets in the way of my little projects it's those damned video games. Who can blame me though...spore was just recently released and I only had to wait like two whole years for it. I can remember back to the good old days in Chicago when we had our apartment with no utilities turned on except the Internet, and neither of us had jobs yet, and I was creating my sims dynasty....ah those were the days. side track much...despite the allure of a video game that you get to customise EVERYTHING I did manage to do my British flag cane today. I am kind of new to polymer clay, not crazy new but not great yet by any means. Mostly I just sometimes don't really have the patients for it and that makes everything a bit more wonky than it should be. Tonight's cane is a blazing example of that, but it was good practice. Next time I just need to

A-slow down
B- let the clay rest
D- use more clay in the middle...i know what that means sorry that you don't...
E-Um...I think that's it

But, it was not a total bust. I mean, it looks like a British flag, just kind of a spinny psychedelic that's cool just the projects I was going to do with it will have to wait and I will have to come up with cooler ones.

On a different yet similar note...

For those of you in Orange County you will note that this area is fairly devoid of any decent craft stores. I come from the land of "Hobby Lobby" and although there were "Michales" out there I rarely frequented them. Let's discuss why...

Hobby lobby=fabric. Michaels...not so much.
Hobby Lobby=That stamp making block printing stuff. Michaels..nada
Hobby Lobby=Doll House Stuff...which I happen to like a lot even though I never buy it. guessed it.
Hobby Lobby---polymer Clay. Michaels...some kind of clay but it's not polymer I don't think...if it is it's hella generic. They do have tools some times though.

The only thing Michaels really has going for it is I think a better selection of yarn...though when I lived in the Midwest I wasn't too big on knitting or crocheting yet, so I cant rightly remember. However, the Michaels I frequent is right across the street from the Jumbo they have all the craft stuff there for a lot less...the same stuff...say what you will.

We do have an option though, Orange County! At least I thought I did. There is Joann's, and for the most part I have found there is a small sellection of other crafty goods that I would need, although for a slightly higher price.

That's not what I'm talking about, however, I'm talking about the ARTIST SUPPLY WAREHOUSE....

or is it art supply warehouse. I don't know, and I kind of don't care because who needs the name of it when you know how to drive there (It's in Westminster, on Westminster, just west of that goldenedge or whatever street....which is west of Beach) And they have the goods. Ok, no fabric and no yarn...but as mentioned above that's what walmart is for (when you aren't beating your children or putting more hair spray in your hair till it does that kind of curly yet completely shellacked know who you are...)

So, I give this lady from work a ride home the other day (the state took her car because she supposedly owes child support to a man that has been dead for years. Go GOV!) and she lives right by this place. She insists on giving me 10 dollars for the ride, even though it was maybe a mile out of my since she wouldn't take it back I decided that was for sure gunna be clay money.

I needed some yellow, some red, and liquid sculpey. Ok, I knew I was going over my limit, but that's what debit cards are for as long as you don't tell your boyfriend who you owe a few hundred to because he helped pay to fix your car when you crashed it like a dumb ass with not full coverage insurance.

Aren't run-on's fun?

Well, I was going to go into a whole thing about how they have every thing in the world but the liquid sculpey, but I'll spare you. Just...a word to the wise of Orange County...if your into polymer clay...plan in advance and get that shit online...because apparently this place is an island devoid of the desire to create anything besides more children.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lets get this shit on the road aye?

Somethings happening....

I've got a good friend tweeking my logo. He's trying to get his design portfolio together, so I figured he could help right?

I've got shop things in swaping process.

I've got some drive. That's always good to have.

I've got some earings in the "soon to be baked" box waiting for "them" to leave the house for a second so I can bake them without getting the 3rd degree.

Crafting around anal non-crafters is a bitch some times. They never get it. "can't you just buy that?"

Yes. And probably for less money than making it some times. Definantly less effort.

...but then I would be like you wouldn't I? And if this past year has taught us is to not be like them. Southern California is a funny place to learn who you are. I have never been anywhere where conformity and turning yourself into a stamp-figure was so respected.

That and...ok this is trivial but I noticed it...what's with the girls here needing so many "pieces of flair"

Back in Chicago the style was a little more simple. Plain yet classy. and lables and diamonds and lots and lots of pretty shiney things.

I don't get it. to connect the blogger me with the Craftster me.