Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lets get this shit on the road aye?

Somethings happening....

I've got a good friend tweeking my logo. He's trying to get his design portfolio together, so I figured he could help right?

I've got shop things in swaping process.

I've got some drive. That's always good to have.

I've got some earings in the "soon to be baked" box waiting for "them" to leave the house for a second so I can bake them without getting the 3rd degree.

Crafting around anal non-crafters is a bitch some times. They never get it. "can't you just buy that?"

Yes. And probably for less money than making it some times. Definantly less effort.

...but then I would be like you wouldn't I? And if this past year has taught us is to not be like them. Southern California is a funny place to learn who you are. I have never been anywhere where conformity and turning yourself into a stamp-figure was so respected.

That and...ok this is trivial but I noticed it...what's with the girls here needing so many "pieces of flair"

Back in Chicago the style was a little more simple. Plain yet classy. and lables and diamonds and lots and lots of pretty shiney things.

I don't get it. to connect the blogger me with the Craftster me.

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