Sunday, August 9, 2009


Been busy, sorry blog. I moved away from those dredful people I use to live with, and now I have more time to do what I want.

This included nesting up a little bit. I forgot how nice it was to have a room one could actually decorate.

Still playing the customer service game, but knitting out here when it's warm's just funny. It's a beautiful nice sunny day and I'm knitting a scarf.

So, that's uninteresting until it starts to cool down again. Maybe I'll make those scarfs and such all my co-workers requested last winter.

Jo-anns had a 50% polymer clay sale this weekend. I was in luck, it was the first time I had actually gone to a craft store in a while (moving aint cheap) and that's exactly what I went there for.

I needed green and yellow

I spent 30 dollars. This was Friday. Today I went back and spent 10 more.

What can I say. I like clay. And spending money.

I have also been really into re-sizing thrift store clothing lately. Mostly skirts. I'm short and kinda chubby. I say that because it's true. I'm so inbetween it's sad. I'm not fat enough to shop in plus sized clothing, but I am like a size 12...and all clothing designers assume that you are like 6 foot tall when you're a size 12... not 5'3"

So, it's been skirts lately. Thats because I can wear them to work, look nice and business casual, and still not be all sweaty in my non air conditioned car as I drive an hour in traffic in southern california heat.

Mmmmm punishment.

Once again I've come to that point in the season where I COULD get my air conditioner fixed....or just wait another month and stick it out. I'm already past at least half of the really hot season.

Also, where I park my car at work is kind of cooler. I have my ways.

M...but I'm babbling.

So, I'm part of this swap on craftster. Won't say much just in case I'm being spied on...but I have one major project down, and at least 3 more bigger projects to go.

Maybe a few smaller ones.

Mmm elements.

I also on my most recent trip out to the motherland procured all of my sims games back.

To craft or to sim? Thank God I don't have enough $$ to go get the latest sims game. Although...if I keep thinking about it like the crazy person that I am I will find the money and stay up until the wee hours.

Oh...also...I have been writing lately. I have maybe 3 book/film ideas bouncing around in my head lately. My latest one I think could be really good. I don't want to say too much about it just yet though. Its a social commentary on how we treat one another, with a scifi twist at the end.

Ok. I have a new computer, so none of my pictures are on here. I will be taking pictures of both ends for this I will post them once I get the go ahead...and maybe updating my past posts as well.